Above The Call was founded in 2009 with one purpose; to promote LOVE through business. As a call center, we engage thousands of people every day but by choosing to LOVE them, we are transforming the customer experience into something more than a transactional encounter. It becomes a positive feeling that might change their mood or help set the tone for their entire day. However the affect, LOVE builds bridges between the customer (caller) and vendor (client) toward a relationship based on respect, loyalty and commitment.


When Companies LOVE their employees and customers, they gain trust. Trust breeds loyalty. Loyalty grows the bottom line by significantly reducing staff attrition and increasing repeat business. Making more money while spending less on the back of a positive reputation is the holy grail for business and as such can be found through the practice of LOVE.


To transform business engagements into life-changing relationships



LOVE, one conversation at a time



Romans 12:2




LISTEN attentively to our employees and your customers to understand their perception.


Take OWNership of that perception as if we were personally invested.


Be respectful to our employees and your customers so they feel VALUEd and appreciated.


ENGAGE them in a productive conversation that will nurture an ongoing relationship.


We developed our own cloud-based eco-system to help us hire faster, train better and manage closer. We are laser focused on making our employees feel respected and valued so they can reciprocate to their customers. We adapt our training to accommodate all styles of learning so everyone gets it. We routinely measure all aspects of the customer experience to benchmark our successes and failures. We work together to make course corrections where needed, share together to nurture personal relationships, and LOVE together to raise the bar. This is what it means to go be ABOVE THE CALL.