Welcome to Above University.

This is the online training center for Above The Call. Students will learn how to LOVE their customers, efficiently manage call flow, mentor their peers and explore opportunities for upward mobility.


101 Core

A detailed overview about our company standards and expectations.


201 Clients

Curriculum designed to illustrate how to service each account.


301 Credentials

Team-Leads and Managers dive deeper into our company culture.


401 Catechism

A library of sermons & speeches from customer service experts.

You can use our platform

Create your own curriculum, deliver it to your staff and grade their performance.

We’ll build one for you

Work with our tech-knowledgy resources team to build a custom training center for your business

Let’s train your staff together

Collaborate with our trainers to develop your most effective e-learning solution.

Above The Call strives to provide the most memorable, 360° consumer experience on behalf of our clients but to do that requires a significant investment in our staff. If we expect our employees to serve at their best, we need to serve them with ours.

Prospective Employees:

Working for Above The Call will be unlike any job you’ve ever had. It is a genuinely unique, work-from-home experience based on the strength of your faith, the determination in your spirit and the level of effort you choose to give. We are a small, rapidly growing business with limitless potential for your career goals. If you want to be challenged, encouraged, utilized, appreciated and rewarded – Above The Call may be the right choice for you.

Current Employees:

As you know, we are always looking for new ways to serve you. We understand how important training is for you to be comfortable supporting our clients which is why we created AQbove University. This self-study system allows you to learn at your pace and come back as often as you need for a refresher. When requirements or expectations change, we’ll update the curriculum with new videos, presentations, webinars and other resources so you always have access to the most recent information.


We know how difficult it is to constantly train new staff either through growth or attrition. We created Above University as a way to partner with you, translate your expectations into self-study and interactive curriculum then deliver it in a way our staff can most effectively absorb and retain the information. We have spent a lot of time researching learning styles, training techniques and retention tips and we believe there isn’t another fully virtual corporate training program like ours, anywhere.